Day Three: Praying for the crisis in South Sudan

South Sudan is a disaster that has turned into a tragedy. It is home to one of the world’s poorest populations and now, to the largest refugee crisis in Africa. Some 4 million people have been displaced from their homes over the last few years. Two million are displaced within South Sudan. Another 1.8 million have fled the country altogether Most of these have walked away from everything and arrived with only what they could carry.

The reasons for this tragedy are complicated and include armed ethnic conflict, preexisting poverty and a drought of historical proportions. More than 80 percent of South Sudanese refugees are women and children. Children make up some 60 percent. They are fleeing violence. They are fleeing forced conscripted into the war. They are fleeing rape and sexual crimes.

Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise, says the LORD. “I will protect them from those who malign them.” Psalm 12:5

Ayen had to flee her home. Her husband went missing. War was raging around them and the famine was severe. She didn’t know what to do, but she knew they couldn’t stay. She missed her husband but she feared for the lives of her children, especially her daughter.

They left one night, carrying only the necessities. They headed south, where they heard that camps would take care of them.

They walked for weeks. They suffered in the heat and often went without food and water. They walked in constant fear that they would die on the way or worse, be taken by armed groups.

Finally, they arrived at a camp and found several thousand people from their same tribe. They were able to secure a small place to pitch their makeshift tent, rest and begin to build a new life – at least for now.

Today, pray for:

  • God to sustain and protect Ayen and her children. Pray that God would reunited their family again.
  • for God to provide safe places and refuge to everyone in South Sudan who needs it.
  • peace in South Sudan. Pray that God would bring about his peace in this young but war torn country.
  • an end to the terrible drought that is currently going on in North Africa and the famine that has been declared in parts of South Sudan.
  • those who are providing safe places and the basics of life – food, water, and shelter – to families like Ayen and her children. Pray for strength and more resources to respond the daily flood of displaced people and refugees in and from South Sudan.



Ayen and her family are fortunate – but only because they found a safe place to wait out the war at home. But their family isn’t complete, and their future is uncertain. Please bring her family together again. Please provide a way for them to rebuild their lives in a safe place where her children can grow up.

In Jesus’ Name,


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