Day Two: Praying for the crisis in Syria

Ongoing conflict in Syria has created a staggering humanitarian crisis. Since the war began six years ago, more than 5 million Syrians — half of them children — have fled the country, seeking safety in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and beyond. Another 6.3 million people are displaced inside Syria. Children born during Syria’s ongoing conflict are at risk for statelessness and violation of their fundamental rights due to challenges in obtaining legal documentation.

Adra is one of the millions who fled Syria with her family. She was shot in the leg during a violent outbreak at the market near her home in Damascus. At that time, she was three months pregnant. The situation had gotten so dangerous that Adra and her husband felt they had no choice but to relocate their family to Lebanon.

“I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire, you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. —Isaiah 43

Their settlement is overcrowded, and life is hard. Space is tight and sanitation is poor. With a few bed sheets found in the garbage and concrete blocks, Adra and her family built a shelter. They had nothing but the clothes on their backs. Adra was heartbroken to leave her house and belongings behind to live in a tent in a wasteland.
Like Adra’s, few families flee with clothes, blankets, or basic supplies. Most have very little money for food, medical issues or any other expenses. Children’s education becomes a luxury. To make ends meet, many families borrow money, which drives them into debt and fuels the cycle of poverty.

A month before her due date, Adra, anemic and sickly, prematurely delivered a 4-pound baby girl named Lin. Lin’s unexpected birth worries Adra and her husband because they lack the resources to care for her.

Today, pray for

  • world leaders and decision-makers, that God will continue to give them wisdom as they discern the best path to avoid atrocities while pursuing peace.
  • displaced families, that they may remain safe and together in their time of exile.
  • Syrian children, growing up far from home, that someday they will be able to return to a future of peace, happiness and well-being.

God of hope, who heard the cries of the Israelites when they were enslaved in Egypt and exiled in Babylon, hear the cries of those who suffer far from home in a broken world, especially the children who are growing up in a place that is not their home. Open our hearts to our Syrian brothers and sisters in this time of greatest need.

In the name of Christ,


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